Let’sEnjoy Comfortably,Carefree,Easy staking !
Search for POP in Daedalus or Yoroi !日本語サイトはこちら!

Let’s Enjoy Comfortably,Carefree,Easy staking!

It’s so easy, it takes just 3 STEPs and takes less than 30 seconds!

That’s all you need to do. Earn ADA with leaving it alone!

"I wonder if I can do it ... I don't like difficult things, I just want to leave it ..." , To you who are worried,

After pressing the delegate button, there is no problem with leaving it completely.
No Yoroi or Daedalus updates, no online or syncing required.
Staking rewards can be found on Yoroi and Daedalus!

"What if POPOOL is a scam ...?" To you who are anxious,

POPOOL is definitely not a scammer, but the amazing thing about this new Cardano technology is that you don't have to worry if POPOOL is a scammer.
Even if POPOOL was a “scammer / terrorist group”… and even if POPOOL gave all the pool information to a genius hacker… we can't take your ADA no matter how hard you try.
You don't actually delegate ADA, just delegate the staking-reward-Get-right attached to ADA!
POPOOL will not ask you to send an ADA or recovery phrase!

" I don't want anyone in my pool to know the pool ...",To you who is shy ,

Anonymous unless you tell me!

To you who don’t want to lose money anyway,

POPOOL will of course have a commission fee, but you may be worried about whether you can really trust POPOOL.
Therefore, we decided to offer an amazing low rate of 4.9% for a limited period of the incentive test net.
Even if you look at Tezos’s top Baker reward, it is very cheap because it is roughly 9-15% commission fee.
When moving to the main net, the regular price will be decided.
If you feel that percentage is high, you can simply delegate ADA to another pool on the main net.
In short, you can use POPOOL at a low cost.

To you who want to ask questions casually,

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!
We have prepared email, Twitter and Telegram.
Please contact us from the icon at the top of the screen.

Comfortably,Carefree,Easy staking – POPOOL
We look forward to your participation!